Chapter One, Scene Two (cont.)

This scene was previously unfinished. Here is the last few paragraphs of ch. 1, sc. 2.

Read the rest of scene 2 here




Sylith would rather not remember that. It had been one of the only times in his life that Ma’Rosi had punished him; save for when he was a child. She wasn’t a mean woman, quite the opposite, but when you angered her… Light, help you.

“Of course, Ser; you are right. The Caravans limit us, though! We only have so many to go around and the leaders of our Clans have laid down the law quite firmly. The Caravans are only to be used for Pilgrimage. They maintain their seclusionist policies, citing ancient history as the cause for the law. That all happened hundreds of years ago! What is the purpose now? The old kingdom is dead and so are our ‘enemies’! You know, part of me doesn’t even believe the old stories of Mara, Pratha, and Annan. Goddesses waging a planetary war… If there were Divine beings meddling in our world, especially waging a war against one another, do you really think there would be a world for us to live on? No. Abrex agrees with me. Eelyx doesn’t, but he doesn’t know shit about our history,” Sylith was about to go on, but his mother heard the curse word and spun on her heal.

“Sylith Ja’Sangzet, what did you just say!?” she called out with a stern look on her face.

Sylith sputtered and stuttered, looking to his sister for help, but she was already yards away from him. Seraph was busy inspecting the wares of another merchant, doing her best to look innocent and ignorant; not that she had any money of her own to spend. Sylith caught her watching out of the corner of her eye, and sly smirk widening slowly.

“I… Uh…” Sylith mumbled under his mother’s stern eye. There was only one thing left to do.

He spun around and ran back to the village, towards his home. Neelath was left in the dust calling after him. True, Sylith still lived with his parents and he would certainly catch an earful for the swearing and then the running, but he’d rather not get admonished in public. His mother had quite the temper when you pushed her in the wrong direction, and swearing was always the wrong direction in Neelath’s eyes.

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